Teaching Others About Coupons

KEEP CALM & PAY IT FORWARD BLUEOne very easy way to pay-it-forward with coupons is to simply tell others about your experience with coupons.  When I first started clipping coupons I must admit I was very shy, if not flat out embarrassed, to share my experience with others.  I spent way too much time worrying about being ‘judged’ by people and not enough time realizing that I could help people.  After swallowing my pride I began telling my family and friends about my experiences with coupons and saving money on my grocery budget.  The responses I received from them were all positive and made me want to work even harder at paying-it-forward even more.

Then, for part of my own pay-it-forward project, I began offering free coupon classes for anyone interested in learning more.  These classes turned out to be a huge success and I have met some really great people along the way.  Lastly, I started my own website to help people learn where to find coupons and tips on saving money (www.EatSleepCoupon).  This turned out to be a MAJOR learning experience for me as I had no prior knowledge of website design or moderation.  It seems that almost daily I am learning something new about keeping up with and hosting a website.

These are just my examples of how I pay-it-forward with coupons by simply telling others about it.  Feel free to use the comment section below to share with us your experiences and/or pay-it-forward activities.

Eat, Sleep and Coupon


  • Gideon Nielsen

    Hi there ,
    As a the representative of PIF danemark and writer of a book called “your unique pay if forward story” gathering positive “do good” stories, I greatly appreciated your article.
    Take care!

  • Thanks Gideon – please share this site with others.

  • BBeiers

    Once in a while I PIF for a vehicle behind me in a drive thru. I don’t have a plan for it….just do randomly. Today, while waiting in line I noticed a young lady (obviously handicapped) in the passenger seat of the car behind me. I couldn’t help but smile as she was laughing and having a great day. I decided to PIF for the tab and drove away…..thinking about how the simplest of gifts, such buying someone lunch or taking them out on a shopping trip, can mean the world to someone else. Suddenly it hit me!…it seemed that the times I usually PIF are the times when I’ve had a stressful day and that my offer to help another benefits me a lot too.