Random Acts of Kindness

happy-273x300One of the easiest ways to pay it forward with coupons is through random acts of kindness.  Maybe you are at the grocery store and see someone with a product in their cart that you have a coupon for -well hand it over to them and tell them to ‘have a great day’.  If you have ever done this, or had it done to you, then you know how good it makes you feel.  One of my most memorable experiences paying-it-forward with coupons was a scenario just like this.  I was at the grocery store in the check-out line and I saw an elderly couple across from me in the process of cashing out.  I happened to have an extra coupon for $20 off any $100 purchase and noticed that their bill was $104.  I tapped the woman on the shoulder and slipped her the coupon.  She handed it to the clerk and saved herself a quick $20.  I thought little of it and went on with my check-out / coupon routine.  When I got outside I began loading my car and the woman approached me.  She thanked me for the coupon and told me she had a terrible week and money was very tight.  I remember this experience vividly as she was nearly in tears and I couldn’t believe how such as small act of kindness had such a profound effect on someone.  This was one of the reasons I began offering free coupon classes and eventually designed my first coupon website.

This is just one example of paying-it-forward with coupons through random acts of kindness.  Feel free to use the comment section below to share with us yours.

Eat, Sleep and Coupon


  • Charlene Burbett

    I wanna hear more stories like this! I’ve had this happen twice and also found coupons taped to products in the store. I love this website!