Donating Coupons

pay-it-forwardAnother way to pay-it-forward with coupons is to donate goods (purchased with coupons) to families, friends, or area organizations.

I frequently see coupon deals that allow you to get products (food, personal hygiene, etc.) for free or very cheap.  Many of us do not need or use the products being offered in these deals so we don’t take advantage of them.  This would be a perfect opportunity for us to buy these products (again getting them for free or very cheap) and then donate them to an area community kitchen, food drive, needy family or any organization that could benefit.  I routinely find deals on breakfast cereal, getting them for .60 – .80 per box, and then donate them to a family that we know.  It feels great to know I can be in a position to help someone and I know they are thankful for the extra support.

Recently I held a coupon class at a local church and I found out later that they used this pay-it-forward concept to begin a church pantry.  Member of the church began using coupons to buy products that they normally might not buy and then donate them into the ‘pantry’ so that other members of the church in need could take them – very cool!

Feel free to use the comment section below to share with us your pay-it-forward activities through donations.

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