Coupon Swapping

pay-it-forward-1Another way to pay-it-forward with coupons is to swap or trade coupons you are not going to use for coupons that you will use.  There are a many websites out there that help facilitate this – one that seems to be pretty active is Christine’s Coupon Swap.  Sites like this are great places to connect with others looking for particular coupons and/or offer up coupons in trade that you are not going to use.  Much better solution then just throwing the coupons away and can be very helpful to families in need.  I’ve noticed that many times a lot of people that use this type of service have young children and are looking for diaper, baby food or baby formula coupons.  

Feel free to use the comment section below to share with us your coupon swapping experiences.  If you know of good coupon swapping websites feel free to leave a link as well.

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