About Me

me-300x255My story begins 6 years ago when I began meeting with a life coach and together we pondered many of life’s issues to include family, career and finances.  One of my largest issues to tackle was my finances and getting control over spending (and reducing credit card debt).  I worked very hard to cut costs and set up a monthly budget.  One thing I quickly learned was my family’s second largest monthly expense (second to only our mortgage) was our food/grocery bill.  At the time I did not clip coupons and would just buy products irregardless of price.  I was spending upwards of $300 per week on groceries (for my family of four – both children under age 5) and had terrible spending habits.

So, 4 years ago I began clipping coupons.  I started out slow but realized some significant value as I saw my weekly grocery bill begin to shrink.  I became a much more educated consumer and went to the grocery store with my shopping list, sales flyer and coupons in hand.  I also began to appreciate that small savings (especially when repeated frequently) do add up to big savings and my grocery bill now is $150 per week.

About a year ago I was challenged to put together a community pay-it-forward project and I began by offering free coupon classes to family, friends and eventually my community.  These classes were very successful and I met a lot of great people.  I then decided to begin my own coupon blog (Keep Calm and Coupon) and began the slow process of learning how to set up and manage a website.  I had so much fun setting up this site that I then put together a website about planning a trip to Disney World on a budget ( Budget4Disney.com).  My next project – offering free classes to the community on planning a Disney Vacation.

A lot has changed for me since I began my couponing adventure just 4 short years ago.  Not only has it allowed me to gain control of my finances but, more importantly, it has shown me the tremendous spiritual benefits of the pay-it-forward concept.  I put together this site to further promote the concept to others and allow others to share their stories of paying-it-forward with coupons.